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success-word-1422617-mYesterday, The Toast had the following unexpurgated email exchange with a female reader. In related news, Nicole can read minds.

Reader: I have a very weird and personal (to me) pushup question I would like to ask you. May I ask you?

The Toast: Do you feel your vagina weirdly when you do them?

Reader: YES. YOU GET ME. So this is a thing? I feel like I can’t do more than 10 or I’m on the brink of orgasm.

The Toast: That is a MUCH better version than mine, where my vagina just feels weird! But, yes, it’s about your pelvic floor and blood flow and stretching and it’s 100% normal. ENJOY. Get it, girl.

Reader: Omg, amazing. It is a very funny moment when I try to do pushups while watching tv and then collapse in a fit of giggles and [Redacted Unworthy Male] just has no idea what is happening.

The Toast: You are going to have GREAT ARMS.

So, today, at the gym, I asked my very nice male trainer about this issue, because I enjoy watching him blush, and he said that none of his other clients had ever mentioned such a thing, which of course makes PERFECT SENSE. There are questions and sensations you may feel uncomfortable asking a Fitness Professional, or some random person at the gym, and we want to think of this as a place where you can say “hey, Nicole, my boobs are too big to do pushups,” and receive a supportive* answer.

It also reminded me of the time I was doing a move while straddling a weight bench that was DESTROYING my clit, and after saying “I’m getting some weird pressure…no, not my thighs, per se” a few times, I finally just said “yeah, no, it’s my junk,” and there was hasty repositioning and all was well.

So, okay, what random feelings have YOU had while working out? Tell us, so that we can give them a try, or offer some advice.

While we’re talking, though, is there an intersection for you with exercise and sexiness? Do you feel sexier when you work out? Or after? Or are you just sort of gross and drained? I definitely feel like working out makes me more conscious of my body in great ways, and that it enhances Being a Sexual Person, but that’s not true for everyone. There is also, in many people, an increase in sex drive which comes with increasing your lean mass, which 100% of fake scientists will tell you is because someone with such gorgeous delts needs to make babies.

Speak to us of your bodies, and the movement thereof. And which things are good or not good for your junk.

* heh.

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