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bombchuThe Bombchu Bowling Alley Operator

zzzzz…zzzzz… Huh? Wha–! Uh-oh! A customer!


Granny’s Potion Shop
Gone for Field Study
Please come again!

fishermanThe Fisherman

I’ll go out of business if you go somewhere else! I’m serious!”

What? You want to know why I’m scratching all the time? What are you talking about? Actually, I have no idea. I’m serious!

“How many years has it been? Seven years?! What have you been doing all this time?! You’re my only customer. I’m almost out of business! Seriously!


I’m working on something really cool right now! But I think it’s going to take a while… If you can wait five or six years, it should be ready. OK?

It looks like there is a problem with its durability… But still…

I just completed a small weapon. How about it…

misandrycarpentersThe Carpenters

A job where you can make a lot of money without much effort… The only thing I can think of is thievery… Is that a bad idea?

Death Mountain Trail Guard

Have you been to the Happy Mask Shop that just opened in the Hyrule Castle Town Market? Everyone is talking about it! My little boy pesters me for a popular mask, but I don’t have time to go there…So, could you go and get the mask for me next time you are in the Market? If you don’t feel like it, that’s OK, but…Well, I have no choice, this is my job…sigh…”


I can’t believe that I, the great Ingo, am working on this dump of a ranch! Because the owner is so lazy, I always have to do to all the work around here! I, the hard-working Ingo, should be in charge, not that lazy bum, Talon!


Let me give you an advertisement for my side business… Dampé the Gravekeeper’s Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour! What’s gonna come out?! What’s gonna come out?! When I start digging, we’ll find out!

guardGuard at the Castle Town Gatehouse

Man, I am SO bored… Things would sure be more interesting if there were more… troubles in the world… Hey, that’s just between you and me, OK? Anyway, maybe we can let off some steam by breaking these jars.

“Man, I am SO tired! The night watch is so boring! I wish some ghosts would come out or something….

The Lake Scientist

“These eyeballs are so delicious! Tonight I will cook fried eyeballs for the first time in a long time! Uhoy hoy hoo houy hoy! Such great stuff! Please say thank you to King Zora! Eh? What? These are for making Biggoron’s Eye Drops? Oh, how disappointing! You should have said so in the first place!

maskThe Happy Mask Salesman

We deal in masks that bring happiness to everyone! How would you like to be a happiness salesman? I’ll lend you a mask. You sell the mask and bring the money back here. If you want to read the fine print, take a look at the sign right over there. After you’ve sold all the masks, you will become happy yourself! Have faith…

The Blue Twin Juggler

I found a small drain hole on the right side of the castle that I thought I could sneak into, but I got stuck there.

poe salesmanThe one character who loves his job: Poe Collector

The ghosts, called Poes, are spirits of concentrated hatred that appear in the fields and graveyard. They hate the world! Young man, if you catch a Poe, I will pay a lot of money for it… Heh heh hee! Because of the great Ganondorf, it is a fine time for a business like this… heh heh heh… Oh…I can only hope the world gets even worse!”


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