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The Toast hopes you have had a pleasant, uplifting Hannukah. This author has kindly waived his fee for your edification.

Torah y Moi
The (Hebrew) National
Yad Future
Goy Division
Jew Order
Matzoh Hoople
Manic Street Rabbis
Guided by Moishes
The Talis Man on Earth
Feh Feh Fehs
…And You Shall Know Us By The Sale On Bread
Portugal, The Manischewitz.
Spinny Dreidel Real Estate
Shvitz and the Tantrums
Shmear We Go Magic
Unknown Mohel Orchestra
The Stone Moses
JCC Soundsystem
Pastrami on Rhye
Neutral Milk Hillel
Mazel Tov You! Black Emperor
My Bloody Alan Stein
Au Revoir Shimon
Men Without Katz’s
Fuck Bupkes
She & Ham
The Oy Formidable
Gelt Banana
Tegan and Sara and Rebecca and Rachel and Leah
Bonnie “Blintz” Billy

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Jason Gilbert is the editor of Yahoo Tech. He lives in New York with his roommate and a Brita water filter. You can follow him on Twitter.

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