Every English Novel Ever

england1. God, We Used To Have Money

2. The Corporal Displayed Unspecified Moral Laxity

3. An Unsuccessful Trip To The Sea-Side

4. A Cold Collation And A Game Of Cards

5. Yes But The Shock Would Kill Her

6. She’s Very Close To Being In Our Class But Isn’t Quite And That’s Terrible

7. The Bishop Frowned

8. The Garden Party Is Cancelled

9. Is Tibby Back Yet?

10. Let’s All Agree Never To Tell Him

11. Let’s Do Go To Italy, I So Long To See Italy

12. That Sort Of Thing Doesn’t Interest Me Much, I Assure You

13. Fraught Seating Arrangements

14. Oh, Honestly Charles

15. No One Goes Motoring After All

16. We Can’t Possibly Have Them Over For Dinner; The Last Time They Were Here We Had Money

17. “I Wish Her Every Happiness”

18. Then The War Came

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