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horseLeaving aside the fact that “have you ever had a lesbian fling” and “have you ever slept with a woman” are two entirely different questions, let’s take a minute to try and guess what woman Cher slept with (dare we say dated?).

And don’t come at me with “stealing a horse and dating a woman aren’t really comparable,” this is Cher and she comes from a different era and she is doing her best, damnit.

But Cruise, who Cher dated in the mid-1980s, wasn’t the only paramour Cher dished about. The star also told Cohen that she had a lesbian fling.

“Oh God, who hasn’t. Yeah,” Cher said, when Cohen asked if she had ever been with a woman. “I stole a horse when I was 13, you know, so why wouldn’t I?”

No, shut up, it’s airtight. Why wouldn’t you? Maybe she stole the horse to sneak off to woo farm girls, as Sunil pointed out.

God love her:

In a segment called “Truth or Cher?” Cohen asked the “Believe” singer whom she would rank as her best lover.

“A lot of them kind of came in first,” Cher diplomatically replied. “I’ve just had the greatest lovers ever.”

I have no interest in talking about what she meant by those Tom Cruise remarks.

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