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Climate change denier literotica

A fake LinkedIn profile for Joffrey Baratheon

More than 41 Google image results for “Dick Cheney liver spots”

A Nancy Grace Spotify playlist

A Wikipedia article subsection called “Veronica’s Closet: Racial tensions”

The Twitter username @WontWheaton

Season 3 of Wings

A Flickr album of dry cleaner receipts from all 50 states

Kinder, an orphan adoption app

Brian Williams news podcasts laid over dubstep

A funeral home website with a “Like us on Facebook!” button

Styrofoam the musical

“Google Craps” (an interactive map of public toilets)

A Men’s Rights Activists discount code for Warby Parker

1.5 star Amazon reviews of diabetic socks

Art made from hickeys

spiderbite fetish communities

A Kickstarter for My Little Pony Fleshlights


Every still frame of Flo from Progressive commercials dot tumblr dot com

A BuzzFeed list of all 99 Iowa counties, ranked

“LeftoverRightOver” — a location-based app to trade whatever leftover dinner you still have with people in your area

More than 3 radial tire conspiracy theories

Any YouTube result for “2 Chainz of Castamere”

ChubHub: an online marketplace to sell, buy, and trade dick pics

An interactive Rush Limbaugh mobile app of any kind

A “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” neck tattoo

The AARP on Instagram

Full House fanfic where Stephanie Tanner gets shingles and gives it to someone else in a misguided “give a penny, take a penny” morality lesson

Based in Raleigh, NC, Matt Morain is a writer, internet person, and 3-time Greene County Spelling Bee champion. You can find him entertaining himself on Twitter or on his podcast.

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