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Ulta Be Discovered 76 Piece Collection, $19.99 (was $24.99) Wanna make a 12-year-old cry? This.


New York Minute Robe Coat, $82.60 (was $118) Paging Olivia Pope.


Oh, Joy! 60 Ways to Create and Give Joy$14.99 (was $27.50) Handmade holiday gifts are just better. They just are.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.06.17 PM

Copper Fig Figurine, $2.38 (was $7.99) A fig figurine! Pair it with a pear!


Delft Paper Napkins, $4 (were $7) Please tell me you also have one of those blue Ikea bags full of paper plates and napkins for every imaginable party that never gets thrown?


Platinum Denim Ankle Jeans, $25 (were $89) White jeans are in this winter. I personally disagree with white jeans ANY time of year but what’s great (for you) is that I’m not Queen of the Universe.


Draped Ear Cuff to Hair Chain, $9.95 (was $24) It’s like a reverse Jane Child for wimps. (I see you, Canadians.)


The Elin Loafer, $76.99 with code FORYOU (were $158) Bought these a few weeks ago at almost-full price. (Madewell makes price adjustments up to 7 days after purchase, FYI.) No worries, though. They are perfect at any price and never coming off my feet.


Barneys Shearling-lined Fingerless Long Gloves, $179 (were $295) No joke. And while you’re over there, can I please please please pretty please have this? Thank you, Santa.

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