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New Year’s Eve Cityscape Fireworks Dress, $138 There’s a party happening next week (or so we hear, we haven’t been invited yet, fingers crossed!) and it would be great if you could all wear something entertaining this time. Something one of a kind. Something that screams. Screams! Plus, New Year’s Eve is the fastest hot-to-not night of the year, so maybe you want to create a distraction? Here are a bunch of vintage finds that’ll fit the bill. (And no, Etsy did not sponsor this post, they just happen to have a bunch of weird old stuff sold by independent retailers and that’s what we’re talking about.) Behold:


Wool Leopard Swing Coat, $124 Jeans and a T-Shirt never looked so fierce.


Gold Polka Dot Dress with Matching Bow Tie, $80. “WITH MATCHING BOW TIE.”

il_fullxfull.807519247_podfRicki Lang Beaded Cocktail Dress, $68 Gonna regret showing you this one. No, wait, gonna regret showing you THIS one:


Barbara Barbara Animal Print Dress, $75 Check out the built-in belt.

il_fullxfull.838241709_ekzf (1)

Lace Floral Party Dress, $72. This is the front. The front. 


Skirt and Sweater Set, $57 Genuinely cute outfit, genuinely bananas presentation.

il_fullxfull.751744417_35vbGrayzna Dolman Sleeve Dress, $69 The back, though:



Strapless Red Dress, $51.79 If you can pull this off, you owe it to yourself and me.il_fullxfull.708306542_bh7z

Pink Silk Neiman Marcus Muumuu, $38 Endora would approve.

il_fullxfull.581272449_f76t (1)

Draped Maxi Dress, $52 Just add a wild updo and tons of bracelets. Devastating. Simply devastating.


Black Wiggle Dress with Sheer Bust, $75 Pretty sure this is reversible? ;)


And the winner is this Victor Costa Puff Sleeve Dress, $265. Okay, folks, uh… I have to apologize. The first runner up is this Victor Costa Puff Sleeve Dress.


Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Thingamabobber, $1,200. Wow. Just wow. Happy holidays!

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