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Boucle Checkered Scarf, $24 (was $48) According to your Instagrams, winter has finally begun. It looks horrible. Very cold, yet very uncool. If you plan to keep living way up there where ice falls from the sky and then sticks to the ground for months at a time causing much slippage and stir-craziness, might I suggest getting yourself a fashionable, wearable blanket to stave off impending death?

jj8azbc9Forever 21 Lip & Cheek Stain, $5.40 (was $10.80) Reviews — all two of them — are split completely down the middle on this stuff. However, I have and love their matte lipstick, so… I don’t know. That probably has no bearing on whether you should get this. I’m sorry.

E4918_KL3625_d1Sailor-Striped Union Suit, $29.99 with code “MUSTSHOP” (was $69.50) Clothes should be funny sometimes. Speaking of stripes:

image4xxlBrave Soul Stripey Sweater, $26 (was $45) The hi-lo hemline here is a nice change of pace for striped sweater collectors. (We are a people, no?)

81sw3mlilyL._SL1500_Crackleflame Firelogs, $19.46 (were $35.40) These things make those noises that sound like surely your carpet or dog is about to catch fire. Now all you need is a fireplace.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 5.51.02 PMUltra Faux Fur Throw in Various Colors, $69 (was $99) Yes, there are probably cheaper faux fur throws out there, but this is the one I can vouch for. It did get gross and kind of matted after about three years of daily use. Not bad?

37673167_061_bVelvet Vaping Slippers, $59.95 with code “TAGTIME” (were $128) Just kidding; these are called smoking slippers. But I just started vaping. Yes, vaping everything. Yes, it’s great, but would be even better in these.


Babeland Silver Bullet, $11.25 (was $15) It’s like One Bride for No Brothers in these streets.This should get you by until spring.

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