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Nurse Jackie is streaming on Netflix, which is free, in a way. I never got into this show when it was on the air despite Merritt Wever’s perfect Emmy acceptance speech a few seasons before it was cancelled. No, it took me getting a wicked cold and running out of Ken Burns specials to start watching and now I can’t be stopped. It is a perfect thing.

718Uo3USPGL._SL1100_Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Sampler, $4.08 (regularly $7) Isn’t Throat Coat the best?

103563Godinger Pocket Tissue Holder, $13.99 (every other site only sells this in bulk, so…) I’m wiping my snots with these Betsy Johnson tissues, which I really wanted to tell you about but there are only four packs left online. Sorry.

91oZez4sb1L._SL1500_Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation Peel for Feet, $17.05 (was $25, but I paid $29 in a store) What a steal for a product that makes your feet look like they went through a meat grinder for two weeks (click this at your own peril) but then, according to the packaging, they will look like “a baby” (???) afterwards, at some point. I’m one week in and so glad I’m too sick to actually need my feet for anything.

image1xxl (2)Pug Ankle Socks, $2.50 (were $5.50) You’re supposed to wear socks the whole time your feet are peeling so that you don’t leave a trail of skin behind. Might as well be these.

01L07IBLK_4_largeLeaf Print Pajama Set, $30 (was $58) Top this ‘fit with…

36905206_069_bPlaid Sherpa Robe, $39.95 (was $128) You don’t trust this combination and that’s okay. No one is right every time.
Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.35.09 PMBromioli Rocco Aquaria Bedside Carafe Set, $14.99
 Drink plenty of water while you’re looking at your One Kings Lane app. If you are also addicted to that damn thing, you too must know that all of their bedside carafe sets are kind of boring and $32 right now, not fifteen bucks, so get this unusual one instead(Also, ever notice how OKL carries a lot of the same stuff as Coincidence?)

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 8.50.51 AM

Adrienne Landau Leopard-Print Fur Throw, $1,195 (was $1,995) That is nearly half-off a thing we didn’t even know existed: genuine rabbit fur printed to look like fake leopard fur. Will the wonders never cease?


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