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Charmed Necklace, $29.95 (was $48) If you don’t like bows (monster) there’s also a fortune cookie, acorn, bird, fox, key and home pregnancy test. Just kidding about that last one.

image1xxlDiya Jumpsuit, $38 (was $81) OH, SPRING! Don’t forget the shoes (only in a much lower heel because give me a break, lady).


Baggu Carryall Tote, $34.99 (was $69) You mean people carry tote bags that aren’t disposable off-white garbage and stain collectors? Good to know.
13Z01JKHA_3_largeTopshop Premium Textured Sweatshirt
, $40 (was $95) Some might even call this a fancy sweatshirt.

15WAUT_AZ216_TANBoden Harper Boot, $53.40 (was $178) You already have this bootie, probably three times over if the feet of the women at this toddler birthday party I just went to are any indication.


Ribbed Thigh High, $9.95 (were $18) Thigh highs still “work.” Checked yesterday.

37350832_045_bBlurred Floral Poncho, $29 (was $49) Fine over jeans, even better over a long, white cotton cult gown:


Mod-o-Doc Dress, $39.99 (was $78) That is not Alanis Morrisette.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.09.19 PMJaponesque Pixelated Color Kit, $14 (was $28) Even the photo of the product is pixelated! Anyway, let’s talk about strobing for a minute. You go first.


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