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If you have ever, even once, thought to yourself, “gosh I’d like to read more of Nicole’s reflections on adoption, family, race, and identity,” YOU ARE IN LUCK because I just sold AN ENTIRE BOOK about same:

Managing Editor of The Toast Nicole Chung’s ALL YOU CAN EVER KNOW, a story about belonging and what it means to lose and find one’s roots that spans Nicole’s adoption, her upbringing in a white family, and her reunion with her biological family that coincided with the birth of her own child, to Julie Buntin at Catapult, by Maria Massie at Lippincott Massie McQuilkin (World).

I’m so excited, Toasties! Let’s all hold hands and jump up and down and scream together!! I’ll see you back here in, I don’t know, a year and a half or so? to tell you how you can acquire a copy, should you want one for your very own.

Related — though not in a cause-and-effect kind of way — I’m also joining Catapult on the web side as a contributing editor. It was such a privilege to collaborate with them on the Adopted essay series earlier this year, and with The Toast shuttering soon, one of my top priorities was to find a way to keep working with writers to develop and edit and publish their stories. So while many other things are still up in the air (and nothing will ever, could ever replace The Toast in my heart — this site/community have changed my entire life for the better), these plans are happily in place now, and it’s quite a lot to be going on with.

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