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Tufted Jellyfish Rug, $799.95 (was $998) We’re gonna spend a lot of imaginary money today, ready? Let’s start with this jellyfish rug for the playroom! So expensive, yet so impractically off-white. Why not get a pair?

image4xxlTHIS IS A DRESS, $26 (was $52) At first I thought this was just a skirt. It’s not!


Smashbox Art. Love. Color. Master Class, $39 (was $65; $300 value) Read the reviews. It’s just hundreds of people complimenting themselves for making such a wise purchase. Must be nice.

C0860_BK0001J. Crew Giant Leather Mom Purse, $69.99 (was $178) Not bad for a giant leather mom purse.

503260401_product_1Alex Marshall Mug, $18 (was $34) Speaking of homemade-looking mugs, I’m going back to pottery class after a three year break on June 28th. What are you doing this summer?

JB-29070334_bJane Basch Block Letter Necklace, $150 (was $300) Only the ‘E’ and ‘D’ are left, so hopefully your name is Ed.


A Nice Hat, $21 with code “FORME,” (was $34.95) This is a nice hat. You can sit on it and nothing terrible happens.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 6.48.52 AMCapezio Hipster Shorts, $5.99 (were $25) I wear these around the house all summer. They are so comfy and also kind of gently suggestive, but in a classy way. If only there were someone to suggest something to.

collectors-serveware-animal-oWest Elm Collector’s Edition Serveware, $7.99 (were $12) Why are there so many dishes? How often do you buy new dishes? Same for bedding. Discuss.

38199600_005_aVines of Ivy Chainmail Purse, $299.95 (was $398) Insert some Game of Thrones reference. Is there chainmail in that universe? Dunno; don’t watch it. *ducks*


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