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Fashionology Tiny 100% Silver Letter Ring, $25 (was $44) OK, let’s play a game. These rings are no longer available in the letters pictured here, but they do have A, B, J, M, S and W left. What words can we make across our knucks? I’ll start: SWAB. Your turn. Make it count.

570160977_100_largeFeatherweight Long Sleeve Tee, $7.49 (was $34) Might have a new contender for Best Cheap Tissue T-Shirt.

80030373_01_lMet Museum Excavation of Tombs Print, $17.50 (was $35) So, the folks pictured here were digging up graves in the 1920s. They’re all dead now, for sure. How weird would it be if we went and dug up their graves? Graves. Think about ’em.

3605971024894_urbanspectrumUrban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette, $39 (was $55) Is this worth it?


Knotted Asymmetrical Skirt, $10.99 (was $26.99) Kill-em-at-the-picnic attire.

570174996ext1_largeLora Hoop Earrings, $24.50 (were $35) I have these earrings in silver and now I am so mad that they come in gold because gold is my color and I’ve actually just been humoring those silver earrings for two years and change now.

image1xxlMel by Melissa Sandals, $36 (were $61) Melissa’s plastic shoes are great for wearing to gross stuff because you can just hose them off when you get home. Think festivals, farms, pottery class, day care.

37027281_001_bSunflower Bean, “I Hear Voices” Single, $2.99 (was $7.98) Man, I miss the days of buying mystery 7″ records for three bucks based on the pretty album artwork. Anyone else? Anyone?

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