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Lisa Perry “Goodbye” Tray, $250 Hardly any of these things are on sale today because when I commit to a theme, rules be damned! This is the last Bargain Bin here at The Toast. Don’t ask me what we’re gonna do now because I do not even know. Just jerk off all day, I guess?

65959.1.zoomLeopard to Say Goodbye Romper, $58 Actually want.

31650930_000_bTONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Good Bye Dark Eye Corrector, $12 Is this skin bleach? If so, I take it back.

50630817Hello, Goodbye Doormat, $9.09 (was $12.99) How funny would it be to flip this around after someone comes over so it says “hello” on the way in and the way out? Not very funny.

68eefe7a1b6e1c3bc9a9797e20cf06e8Bye Bye Hair! Facial Hair Reducing Serum & Removal Cream, $38 Or you could just keep your facial hair?


Lip Liner in “Girl Bye”, $8 Right?

Boy-Bye-Black-Tank-Top_BBeyoncé “Boy Bye” Tank, $40 RIGHT?


38189783_031_aGoodbye Nikki Mini, $88 I know a brat who owns something like this in black and she looks perfect in it.

il_fullxfull.1029286091_jvhuBye Felicia Wine Glass, $12.58 “You need to borrow a job with your broke ass.” Preaching to the choir, Chris.

PS: I am neither quitting nor getting fired, but I have a tradition that must be upheld whenever I leave a job and that is to post the following video somewhere in the universe. I love you, Nicoles. I love you, Mallory. Thank you for everything you’ve done for all of us here, you beautiful creatures.



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