By Nicole Chung

Nicole Chung is the Managing Editor of The Toast.

  1. I'm moving to the beach, I'm totally gonna do it.

  2. I still think of economic stability as something that primarily exists for other people, and I don’t know if I’ll ever grow out of it.

  3. That's a very pretty dogwood tree in my neighborhood that just burst into bloom this week. Perhaps you prefer the pink dogwood trees. Perhaps you are wrong.

  4. Josh: I would describe my comedy less as "nice" and more as "friendly." I try to make work that people in the audience aren’t gonna be bummed out hearing.

  5. Hi, Toasts! My friend Alyssa is visiting me this weekend and I AM SO EXCITED. By the time you all read this, she will be here! She is the very same Alyssa who recently visited Nicole Cliffe, which means she has little choice but to visit Mallory next weekend to wrap up her Grand Tour of Toast Editorial Abodes, ask her anything.

  6. Why not just give everyone the benefit of the doubt? Wouldn't it be better if you just assumed that most people have genuinely good intentions? Educate them. Kindly. Patiently. And SMILE ! :)

  7. I would only edit The Toast whilst wearing a floor-length ball gown. That is just the basic respect you all are owed.

  8. "I was always telling the same story. For years, I thought its real power might be found in repetition: If I just told it often enough, then maybe, eventually, everyone would see me—my family, my adoption—as 'normal.' I wanted the story that had once convinced me to convince everyone. I wanted to believe I could make the story serve me."

  9. This week I finally met Brilliant Novelist and Friend of The Toast Celeste Ng! We met and hugged and had a long lunch and talked about everything and she signed my copy of her book and I somehow managed to behave like a nice, regular person and not an overly emotional fangirl. And then I got an ice cream sundae! Truly, I am living all my dreams.

  10. Alexander Chee: I wanted it to have some of the feeling of a fairy tale, but also some of the feeling of the autobiography of a celebrity from that time. Like the autobiographies of Sarah Bernhardt or Cora Pearl or Celeste Mogador, but if they were a little bewitched. Like a story from Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber if it ran off to hide in the autobiography section.