By Sydney Gore

Raised in the suburbs of New Jersey in a Wawa Nation, Sydney E. Gore was the coolest Syd on the block before she could walk the walk and talk the talk. Sydney currently studies Journalism and Marketing undergrad at American University in Washington, D.C. One-time hand model and full-time writer, Sydney lives vicariously through books, film and television. She is fully convinced that her life is a cancelled ‘90s sitcom series, and music is her boyfriend forever.

  1. In 2014, feelings have been verified. We live in an era where people don’t overtly talk about their feelings IRL -- as much as they let it out in tweets with hashtags and blog about them to strangers on the world wide web. Lo and behold, the Internet has birthed a new breed: sad girls. No, sad girls aren’t the girls you see walking around with the teary-eyed gaze of someone who looks like they…