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The WORN Fashion Journal’s Stylish Scary Movie Marathon

Previous installments of our WORN Fashion Journal series can be found here. Most recently: Anna's Parents Review Paris Fashion Week.


A tall brunette (ANNA) and her significantly less tall blonde friend (HALEY) are ...Read More

In Which Anna’s Parents Review Paris Fashion Week

The end of Paris Fashion Week brings to a close the major shows of the Spring/Summer 2014 season. You know who has a lot of opinions about clothing? My parents! Though neither of them usually gives much thought to what happens on the runway, there is no shortage of critical fashion analysis ...Read More

I Am Jack’s Tacky Red Leather Jacket: Fight Club Fashion

Nobody loves their stuff as much as people who hate their stuff. Let me clarify: the people who place the greatest amount of thought, care, and effort into their stuff tend to be the people who are very seriously opposed to the concept of stuff. "It's a prison, man," they might say, ...Read More

The Vogue-iest Parts of the September 2013 Issue of Vogue

Previous installments in this series can be found here. "Emma Bloomberg, the foundation’s 34-year-old chief of staff, stands poised and seemingly unflappable in discreet jewels and one of the quietly elegant sleeveless sheath dresses she favors (the better to show her impressively CrossFit-toned arms)."


"Spritz, dab, splash, roll. There are only ...Read More

A Really Long Conversation About Fashion and Museums

Previous installments in this series can be found here. Haley: So. Fashion and museums! Big topic. Anna: You and I both had a lot of thoughts about this year’s Met fashion exhibit, Punk: Chaos to Couture. In early May they had a party where everyone came with ...Read More

Concealer? I Barely Know Her! (Dies Laughing)

Previous installments in this series can be found here. Here is a partial list of terrifying things I had to do while I was a beauty school student: apply cake liner to the inner lash line. Sit with a pound of clay on my face molded to make me look like a ...Read More

The Meanest Skin Care Advice

Here it is: there is no cream, wash, toner, serum, vibrating brush, or whatever that will help your skin. That's the truth. Deal with it. When I worked at cosmetic counters in department stores, I would always, always get people asking for the creams that really worked. Like we were coconspirators; "don't give ...Read More

Everything I Know About Contouring I Learned from Sex and the City

I was finishing beauty school right around the same time Sex and the City was ending. I looooved Sex and the City back then. I used to watch it more or less every day. I was 21 years old, I had no friends, and their relationships seemed like a dream--just four women ...Read More