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  1. OK, let's play a game. These rings are no longer available in the letters pictured here, but they do have A, B, J, M, S and W left. What words can we make across our knucks? I'll start: SWAB. Your turn. Make it count.

  2. We're gonna spend a lot of imaginary money today, ready? Let's start with this jellyfish rug for the playroom! So expensive, yet so impractically off-white. Why not get a pair?

  3. Man, what a depressing week. We gotta do something about this. You know what you do? You go out and buy eight sets of these and wear them all at once. That's what you do.

  4. It's festival season, y'all. Personally, I find the term offensive. Every season is festival season if you're willing to go to whatever festival is happening. Right now in California we've got a Renaissance Pleasure Faire (yes, "pleasure" is in the name), Coachell-ugh, and a bunch of film festivals because no one out here has a real job.

  5. Around here we believe jokes and lies are the best and should be enjoyed every day of the year, not just April 1st. But here's a true statement: we've been looking for a bow like this all winter. See? Not as fun.

  6. If you don't like bows (monster) there's also a fortune cookie, acorn, bird, fox, key and home pregnancy test. Just kidding about that last one.

  7. Rarely in our never-ending quest for the perfect drug store dupe do we come across one as perfect as this by asking the waitress at Red Robin what makes her eyes so beautifully catlike. Even the included brush works. Today is a miracle.

  8. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me-eee, buy me all of this stuff. Please?

  9. Nurse Jackie is streaming on Netflix, which is free, in a way. I never got into this show when it was on the air despite Merritt Wever's perfect Emmy acceptance speech a few seasons before it was cancelled. No, it took me getting a wicked cold and running out of Ken Burns specials to start watching and now I can't be stopped. It is a perfect thing.

  10. It's not easy taking relationship advice from a double-divorcée, but engagement advice? Clearly you're dealing with a pro. This is a very sweet, modest ring that will not read as a question mark once it's sideways on the finger, but if you are worried that your love will want to choose their own gargantuan ring AND you'd like to surprise them with some jewels when you propose, this here is the perfect stand-in that can…

  11. Let's all stockpile these for hostess gifts. They cost less than a bottle of wine with disgusting bare feet printed on the label and will be at least as impressive.

  12. It's shrinkage. You know the second these cookies hit the oven they'll look more "normal."

  13. Admit it, this holiday season sucked. As did the entirety of 2015, so far. Did anyone buy you perfect wedge boots? No. No they did not. And now, here you are, stepping in cat puke in your bare feet. What's wrong with the cat? You'll figure it out tomorrow. Today is for buying your own damn boots.

  14. You listen to the quiet hum of your best friends’ breathing, the ocean baptizing the shore again and again. This moment is the closest thing to home you’ve felt in a long time.