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  1. You are fourth- or fifth-billed in the credits but have so far contributed almost nothing to the A- and B-storylines.

    In episode 2, you had a throwaway line about a beautiful member of the opposite sex not being your "type," a line that has now taken on a strange significance.

    You are a younger brother who stands to inherit nothing.

  2. I have long regretted that one of my first lesbian-antennae moments wasn't the result of a better movie. It was the scene where Andrea cuts her hair off to disguise herself as a boy in Motocrossed, a Disney Channel Original movie that ran continuously during the summer of 2001 that I saw, conservatively, four hundred times.

  3. Good day, mythical creature aficionados. I am Miss Lemonade from the Institute of Bisexualia (currently the only faculty). I have devoted my life to the study of these pernicious, beautiful and at once complex creatures. Since the first recorded cave painting of a bisexual at Lasceaux, we have been entranced with these beings. Mayhap you have purchased this fact sheet (for the low price of a farthing!) because you have finally constructed your own delicious kale…