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Food Trolling With Ren: The Case Against Kale

"Wait until I make you one of my delicious kale smoothies," someone wrote on the Google doc our group of volunteers had filled out so we could take turns delivering food to an acquaintance in the hospital. Of course a person having a major health crisis lying in a sickbed is the ...Read More

Please Stop Buying Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

We need to have a serious conversation about this. I only want to help you. I also get a lot of emails from Feel the Burn-ers asking me how to cook meat, because I eat a ton of meat, and seem like someone who knows how to cook it (you are ...Read More

Food Trolling With Mallory: Chipotle Is Monstrous

There is a disturbing and pernicious mass delusion floating about that the Chipotle restaurant chain is a good place to get food -- that customers should go out of their way to get more of Chipotle's food from Chipotle -- that maximizing the amount of Chipotle-borne roughage inside ...Read More

Food Trolling With Mallory, Commonwealth Edition: Biscuits

I hesitated, at first, to even write this. The Nations of the Commonwealth have, it must be admitted, suffered enough when it comes to culinary reputations. There is no need for a pile-on. And they have suffered, at times, unjustly: New Zealand has wonderful butter and lamb. I hold myself second to ...Read More

Food Trolling With Mallory: Nuts To You

Previously: apples are terrible. Something that seems intrinsic to the human condition is the need to periodically create slideshows of healthy snacks. I do not know why this is the case, but the same eight fistfuls of food regularly make the Internet rounds at least a few times a year. You and ...Read More

Food Trolling With Mallory: All Apples Are Garbage

Fall is a very busy time of year when it comes to getting upset about flavors. There is no shortage of opinions on pumpkins, or whether turkey is any good, or how to properly sauce a cranberry. Meanwhile, apples have been getting a free pass from food writers for years. "Oh, an ...Read More