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  1. Last year, when we were looking for the goth tech who would eventually become our beloved Maria, I think I went through about thirty applications, had four or five pleasant phone calls with possible applicants, and responded to everyone who applied in an hour or two. Currently I have 720 applications in my inbox. I am overwhelmed with emails and with love for this many weirdos who want to work with us.

  2. The Toast is growing. Would you like to grow with us? We're looking for someone to join us part-time in a mostly assistant editor capacity, with the burgeoning hope and fond longing that this could become an EXCITING FULL-TIME OPPORTUNITY within a year. Some things we are looking for:  - Someone who would enjoy the idea of becoming a part of The Toast - Someone with some experience writing/editing/Wordpressing. You do not have to have years…

  3. The Toast is seeking an intern! Did you miss the early summer rush? Now is your chance to become one for the next three months. Goths and non-Goths are encouraged to apply. Some qualities we would like in our (goth???) intern: Experience with site metric work and Google ad exchange A designer who can code OR a writer who designs OR a coder who can write Knowledge of HTML and CSS WordPress experience, particularly customizing…