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  1. Climate change denier literotica

    A fake LinkedIn profile for Joffrey Baratheon

    More than 41 Google image results for “Dick Cheney liver spots”

  2. The SCP Foundation is a wiki of purposefully disturbing stories and images. Click any (NSFW) links in this piece at your own risk! I’ve never understood why creepiness was regulated to Halloween. January, to my mind, is an infinitely more disturbing season. The sun all but disappears, and on my ever-darker walk home from work I am even more careful to avoid looking in the windows of the abandoned house on my block. Chilly spots…

  3. I am perfectly aware that in more rural parts of the world, eating roadkill is not terribly uncommon, and I have no quarrel with this practice. And yet: this man Arthur Boyt clearly has a basement full of skulls. From Der Spiegel: Proper preparation is especially important because some of the animals he finds have been dead for a few weeks. You can just pick off the maggots and worms, he says, and still enjoy…