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  1. OK, let's play a game. These rings are no longer available in the letters pictured here, but they do have A, B, J, M, S and W left. What words can we make across our knucks? I'll start: SWAB. Your turn. Make it count.

  2. We're gonna spend a lot of imaginary money today, ready? Let's start with this jellyfish rug for the playroom! So expensive, yet so impractically off-white. Why not get a pair?

  3. My friend and former This American Life colleague, Diane Cook, just wrote her first book -- a collection of short stories called Man V. Nature -- which comes out on October 7th. It’s incredible. We talked about the book and how it came to be. Diane, I love your book. Thank you! I wasn’t expecting my ideal dystopian fiction dream book of short stories, which is my favorite thing to read.  After I had a