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  1. No really, I mean it. Why don't we?

    Honest, no kidding – I think we could do it
    Well, what have they got that we haven't? Exactly!
    Well gee whiz, it can't be that hard

  2. You wrote, “Hello. Nice profile.” You asked me how my week was going. I hadn’t opened my blinds in five days. I thought about responding, “My week is going well.” I imagined us in two years, dining in a restaurant in silence. You mentioned lube. You asked, “What music and literature do you enjoy?” Nobody talks like that in real life. I wanted to pretend this was real life. You wrote, “You help me for…

  3. Everything happens for a reason. Here are the fifteen reasons things happen for.

    1. The universe is completely indifferent to your desires.

    2. She hates you.

    3. Terminal velocity applies to everything.

    4. You weren't paying attention and time only moves in one direction.