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Your Concern About the Exact Nature of My Gender Has Been Noted

The Toast's previous coverage of trans* issues can be found here. This post was brought to you by "a fervent believer in the matriarchy."

It’s the dipping point of a late July sunset, and my roommate (and hetero life-mate) Seth and I are walking to meet some friends at ...Read More

Dating Other Women as a Trans Woman: Some Suggestions

Brook Shelley's previous work for The Toast can be found here. Welcome to lesbian trans womanhood. I know, we aren't supposed to say that. Welcome anyway. Let's assume you know two things: that you are a woman, and that you like other women. Good. That's a fine place to start. Follow along, ...Read More

Trans Microaggressions: “Women, Amirite?”

The Toast's previous coverage of trans* issues can be found here.

Actual Reasons People Have Told Me I Am Not A Real Man

1.) I enjoy musical theater. (Someone should probably call Hugh Jackman and inform him that he is female.)

2.) I want to kiss other men. (Wanting to kiss ...Read More

Sorry About The Stuff I Did While Figuring Out This Trans Thing

To my elementary school teachers: I'm sorry for crying all the time. I cried so much that, in second year, my school report read that I "burst into tears at the first sign of trouble". It's because I was going through childhood totally confused, of course, but it can't have ...Read More

“I Do Not Know What My Gender Is”: On Messy Transitions

“But when I met you, you were such a girly girl.”

My stepmom leaned across the dining room table and told me this urgently, as if she was offering up incontrovertible evidence that I couldn’t possibly be transgender. 

It was a fair enough assertion. From the moment I ...Read More

(Trans) Man Whore: A Trans Guy’s Experience as a Sex Worker

Recently in Phoenix, Arizona, a woman was arrested for walking down the street, engaging other pedestrians in conversation. This was a blatant case of profiling, because police accused the woman, a transgender woman of color, of soliciting sex work. For those who don't know, transgender means a person's experienced gender identity ...Read More

On Community Spaces and Being a Trans Muslim

On Friday afternoons, we do our best to meet up somewhere in the city. Sometimes it’s my apartment, sometimes his; maybe the park if it’s nice out and we can find a space with some privacy. Privacy is important. We lay out a patchwork of blankets and sit in silence for ...Read More

The Fanciest Genderqueer You’ll Ever Meet

The Toast's previous coverage of trans* issues can be found here. I'd never thought about being genderqueer until I had to: instead, I tried to think about my gender (a confusing, uncomfortable thing) as little as possible, like a student loan I couldn’t pay yet, or a dentist appointment I’d yet to ...Read More