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  1. I've lost the certainty I once had -- the Biblical, childlike faith -- and exchanged it for a quiet plea that echoes Fox Mulder: "I want to believe."

  2. 201 hours. Just over eight days. Working 9:00 to 5:00, it would take you five straight weeks to get to 201 hours. It's a lot of time -- the most precious commodity in this world, the one thing that can't be bought or sold or regained once lost. I am about to spend 201 hours watching a television show, one that I have already seen. Why? The X-Files, an iconic pop-culture phenomenon in the '90s, is returning…

  3. The summer before I started high school, my neighbor Allison and I were bored. So bored that once when my stepmother left to go grocery shopping we turned upside down every object in my kitchen that we could lift and then hung like bats from the couch awaiting her return. When we ran out of such creative solutions, we started binge-watching The X-Files.

    My dad had purchased some steeply discounted X-Files