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  1. I was twelve years old and three books into the Dollanganger quartet when I discovered that the author—who was still “writing” new books, as she continues doing to this day—had died four years earlier. Already a committed V.C. Andrews fan for life, I took this as such a personal tragedy that when our Hebrew school class was encouraged to donate a tree in Israel in memory of someone we’d loved and lost, I proudly inscribed…

  2. Monday is going to be a very special day around here, ducklings.  It will be a day dedicated to the prolific and mysterious Cleo Virginia Andrews and particular her masterwerk Flowers in the Attic. You have read it, of course, or seen it passed around your seventh-grade classroom from cool girl to cool girl and wondered what it was about. It will be a day of Secrets Revealed, of Analysis, of Predictions. You will love V.C.