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Jaya Saxena: “Oooh, I love romance novels, always on planes or while traveling. And most of the time halfway through I’ll just start skipping to the sex scenes. I also often leave them on planes/in hotels for other people to find and enjoy, because I do not need those taking up space. I am also one of those people who reads the last sentence in a book first. No idea why. I never remember them by the time I get to the end; I just have to look.”

Harry Burns: “Oh, really? When I buy a new book, I read the last page first. That way, in case I die before I finish, I know how it ends. That, my friend, is a dark side.”

Shani Hilton: “I like to read books aloud to myself.  Not the whole thing, but an occasional page or two. That’s probably my biggest idiosyncrasy, and if it doesn’t sound good while I’m reading it aloud, I probably won’t finish it.”

Nicole Cliffe: “I used to tear off and eat the bottom of book pages. Until I was basically 13.  I would roll them into little joint-looking things and then eat them idly while I read. I also always drink ice water when re-reading Dune, and I greatly prefer to read on my side with a hand propped under my ear, and then I switch when it gets tired. And I always eat chocolate-covered almonds if I’m reading “Worlds of Wonder,” the lady sci-fi anthologies (HELPLESS SHRUG OF INSANITY).”

Toast Reader Menshevixen: “If I can’t hear Kevin Conroy’s voice in my head when I read a Batman comic, I usually drop that comic.”

Mallory Ortberg: “I read in the shower, which other people seem to treat as an impossible task. It’s not! It’s pretty easy. You have two arms. One for showering, one for reading. Easy. Eventually once it’s time to wash that hand you have to fling the book over the shower curtain, which is tough if you have downstairs neighbors, but it’s fine. I also stop reading Brideshead Revisited at the halfway mark every time and pretend Charles and Sebastian got together and opened a bed and breakfast.

I also–I’m not even sure what you call this, exactly, but my friend Jenny taught me this in sixth grade and I’ve been doing it idly to magazines and newspapers ever since–I’ll put my index finger under a page and put my thumb on the edge, and sort of fold it into a triangle and then slowly push the point back to the page’s edge. So it leaves these little creases, and sometimes tears, in the page. I do it all the time, but I have no idea what you call it.”

Christian Brown: “I usually read two books at the same time, one fiction and one non-fiction. And there are some authors I basically will only read aloud. Oh, and when I’m driving (I live in LA) I sometimes have my Kindle on the passenger seat next to me and I’ll read a sentence or two at every red light, because I live dangerously.”

Mike Dang: “Well, one thing I did when I was younger was, I would cut out images from a magazine of what I thought characters would look like, and use them as bookmarks. Like images of random people from my cousin’s issue of Seventeen because we didn’t really have magazines at my house.”

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