Scenes That Brought Me To Tears As A Child in Majora’s Mask, In Order -The Toast

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Not protecting the cows from the alien attack at Romani Ranch and finding an addled and confused Romani wandering the grounds the next day

Talking to Anju on the evening of the third day without completing Kafei’s mask subplot

Watching Mikau die on the beach

Those fucking pipes in the Great Bay Temple

Playing hide-and-seek with the sad Moon children in the empty field

Listening to the Postman talk to himself in his room about how he wishes he could abandon his duty

The Deku Butler talking about how he used to love to race with his dead son and how much you remind him of that dead son

Seeing the frozen corpse of the Deku Butler’s dead son alone in an empty chamber during the cut scenes after you finish the game

Darmani’s young, now-orphaned son, crying alone in his ice palace

Realizing that every time you play the Song of Time you renew the suffering of every single character in the game

Pretty much every scene in Ikana Canyon

Hearing the soldier who guards the exits to Clock Town saying “Everyone has fled. You should flee, too.”

Seeing Anju and Kafei happy and ready to die together on the evening of the third day after completing Kafei’s mask subplot

Temporarily comforting Darmani’s young, now-orphaned son by pretending to be his dead father, then abandoning him

Hearing the Skull Kid confirm your worst suspicions when he tells you you remind him of the kid who taught him “that song” in the Lost Woods back in Hyrule

Realizing you still have to sit through Kaepora Gaebora’s lectures in this world

Seeing a terrified Pamela trying to protect her mangled father in a valley of moaning ReDeads

Waiting out the third evening and watching the grinning Moon crash into Termina

Seeing the doddering Goron elder encased in ice after failing to reach Snowhead Mountain

That drawing of Tatl and Tael and the Skull Kid being friends on that tree stump in South Termina Field

Hearing Saria’s Song at the end of the quest

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