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Bill & TED’s Talks:

The Transformative Power of Phone Booths
How To Be Your Most Excellent Self
Sustainable Development The Genghis Khan Way
The Dao of Dude
Beneath Our Hats: Napoleon Bonaparte and Abraham Lincoln
On Partying
The Unbearable Lightness of Bogus
Joan Of Arc Presents: Stop, Drop and Roll
Socrates: Man, Method, Crate

Statistical Term, Celebrity Baby Name or Yiddish?


Also Rejected:

Who Wore It Better: Rae Dawn Chong or Ban Ki-Moon?

Top Ten “Nice Glasses, Ira” Ira Glass Comebacks

Please Stop Calling Me Al. By, Paul Simon

Things Not Made Jauntier by the Addition of a Fascinator

Acceptable “It’s Not Rocket Science” Jokes That You Can Use When Running Into An Astronaut at Home Depot

Haircuts That Could Be Interpreted As Political Statements That Are Actually The Result of Barber Ineptitude Or Tiki Barber

Other Female Body Parts That Would Have Liked To Have Had Monologues, Thank You Very Much

Things That Sound Like They Should Be Spreadable, But Aren’t

Places in Florida Cousin Tammy Hopes To See Before It’s Too Late

Four More Reasons Why Scratch-N-Sniff Bowling Never Really Took Off

Relatives My Jewish Grandmother Has Compared To Hitler. Abridged

State Rankings By Age At Which Boys Realize They Can Write The Word Boobs On A Calculator

New Songs From the ‘Free To Be You And Me’ Elizabethan Remake By Marlo Thomas and Christopher Marlowe

Memorable Lines From The Urologist Manifesto ‘Anti-Diuretic: Blame The Juice’

He Scrolled Through Her Gently Like An IPod, And Other Popular Similes Used In Steve Wozniak Erotic Fan Fiction

Least Frequented Stops For A Streetcar Named Desire


List of Drinks Found on the Menu of Cocktail Hotspot ‘Mixed-Up By Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler’

Mindi is an American expat who lives in Brussels, Belgium with her toddler son and adult husband. She is a professional social worker, amateur cultural anthropologist and failed French student. Mindi loves Belgian waffles and absurdity, and misses American mint chocolate chip ice cream and pragmatism.

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