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We’re giving The Bartender a week off (s/he has all those glasses to wash) and taking over Cocktail Hour to let you know that the very first Official Toast Meetup will be taking place in and around San Francisco on the evening of November 4th. It is a Monday.

Nicole is going to California to visit Mallory with child in tow for a few days, and we’ve decided Mallory’s parents did such a great job with her, surely they can watch the firstborn Toast toddler for a few hours while we hang out with our California Toasties.

If you could chime in on this thread, or email us (nicole at the hyphen toast dot net) and let us know if you think you might come to such a thing, we’ll start thinking about venues (suggestions welcome!)

There will also be a December meetup in NYC, more details will follow. For that one, you’ll just have Nicole, so start dialing your expectations down.

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