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Sudden left-handedness

Secret river awareness

Decreased acceptance

Bundles of sage appear under pillow

Moral bankruptcy

Night independence

Wrist ghosts

Dreams of murders that happen the next day in real life

Fires immediately go out when you enter the room

Roaming fulfillment

Hair turns to stone

Unexplained cackling

Increased levels of both whimsy and malice

Redefined beauty

Poisonously afraid of a fresh shock of wheat or a handsome young priest

Increased roaring/sandstorms

Bones turn into filmy light-blue scarves

Sudden-onset cronery

Bathing in whirlpools

Hill dancing


Inducing suicide in young lovers

Hearing but not understanding the language of the stars

Ground freezes under your feet

Taking the form of a gigantic bird on February 1

Able to remotely control flight patterns of up to thirty birds at a time

Curses increase in strength and duration

Ability to unite warring tribal chieftains increases

Brain triplication

Stick hoarding

Warding off death and evil

Hexing cattle

Sleep paralysis (in others)

Sleeping in River Trees

Disappearing from mortal eyes during the winter months

Unexplained increase in long, bloodred cloaks

Defeating Satan in all-night chess games

Occasional early-morning haggery

Tide-induced migraines

Bile tears

Wrestling Thor

Increased rivalry with the Infernal Crocodile

Riding upon the storm, blessing the fields of the enemies of your rivals

Mountain mastery

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