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“Running free…running free…running [I’ll let you wait until after the jump].”


Some stray thoughts:

Sometimes the best sketches are the ones where they stopped writing it as soon as they came up with the core concept. Scott (OF COURSE IT WAS SCOTT) said, simply, “Running Faggot” during one of their pitch meetings and everyone just sort of nodded, like, “We trust you, Scott,” and he borrowed a friend’s Davy Crockett outfit and that was that. They came up with the song morning of.

Scott Thompson never let anyone forget that there was a real live gay man in the Kids in the Hall, and I think that’s tremendous.

Has anyone written a queer companion to American folktales? Pecos “Gaywad” Bill, Paul “Twink” Bunyan. Johnny “Ol’ Dykeface” Appleseed. I’d read it.

DAVE FOLEY IN A SERAPE MAKES ME LAUGH. That’s all you need for comedy. Put Dave Foley in a serape.

The “walking, talking stereotypes” are a really nice touch.

This is perhaps the second-best KITH sketch with “Faggot” in the title. We will get to the first best soon enough.

I’ve been rewatching this a lot with my door open because it’s pretty hot out and I’m afraid my neighbors will hear the sing-song “running faggot” out of context and think I’m a bad person, so I’m going to stop now.

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