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the_drinkers-largei keep drinking

but it’s not making him more interesting



i’m still listening

you were talking about that 

i’m just resting my eyes


that is so good

that is so funny

that is so funny and good 

no I’ve never heard that before from you
Nighthawks by Edward Hopper zoomedahh sorry i just

i really need to look at this matchbook right now 


how-to-recognize-painters-by-their-work-2-1mmm for sure 

no i definitely agree

you don’t have to keep arguing because i agree and you’re right so we are on the same 

we’re the same way, i agree

listen23So do you see what I mean

yeah i definitely understand 

because its kind of complicated

no I’m with you 

ill explain it again
listen22yayyyyy ahhh again again 

more playing more music

im so glad this turned into a concert even though nobody asked for one

yeah it just happened

it just happened to all of us
listen21ahh sorry but you really can’t move him 

if he stays there you better not come any closer

yeah sorry you better just stay over there where you are right now


we’re kissing now

that’s the thing that is happening nowlisten19christ is he still behind us 

i don’t know

keep skating

listen17oh no i wasn’t doing anything, I’m not busy

just talking to all of my friends

but I’m so glad we’re doing this now insteadlisten15yeah thats terrible 

i can’t believe he said that

wow and after you basically saved the presentation too 

hang on i just gotta rest my neck for a minute

XIR63425sorry babe

you know i can’t hear anything when I’m powdering my nose 

ill let you know when I’m finished



GO ONlisten12how can you say that 

how can you say I’m not paying attention 

i just took off my clothes and threw the fruit basket to help me focus

listen10yeah it’s great it’s really great 

i just need to take a break from looking at it for a second 

to look at something else



hey wake up

are you asleep or something

are you sleeping

mm no I’m still listening 

listening and awake and also listening

listen7don’t make eye contact

im not im not making eye contact

well you’re giving him some sort of encouragement

no im not im like lying down

well lie down harder 

“Okay, this next one is called Elegy in Amber”

oh my god how many elegies even are there in the world

is he going to play all of them

listen2right okay 

so where did he move the boat to next then

listen1I just–


not quite finished with this matchbook 


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