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gamerrrsI’m a gamer. I’m really into games. I’m hardcore into tag.

I’m just saying that if a woman wants to play Heads Up Seven Up, she needs to understand Heads Up Seven Up culture.

What are you, some kind of fake Tiddlywinks girl? Get out of this forum.

I got into Pick-Up Sticks because women didn’t want to talk to me, and now they’re just pretending to be into it because it’s cool? I hate these bitches.

Only a SELECT MINORITY of jump ropers are harassing women, please don’t lump us all together.

Hundreds of millions of people play Capture the Flag. Here are 140 links to help you better understand the situation.

There are no women in Funnel ball. This is an egregious attack by feminist bullies on a game I’ve played for 20 years.

No one cares that you’re a girl playing Mumblety-peg, you just shouldn’t advertise that you’re a girl playing Mumblety-peg. People only specify “girl Mumblety-peg player” to get attention.

If Red Rover is as toxic to women as the SJWs are saying, how come 50% of Red Rover players are women?

Oh, so female Hopscotch players can demand all Hopscotch boards can be drawn with them in mind, with fucking PINK CHALK or something, but I call them out on it and I’m “cis male scum”? Reverse sexism.

If Musical Chairs actually catered to women they’d hate it because they wouldn’t get to play the victim anymore.

Misandry is going to create pro-male bias where it didn’t previously exist. Rock-Paper-Scissors players now have to act like gender warriors, when all they wanted to do was play Rock-Paper-Scissors in peace.

Feminists control everything. This just proves that we need a by-men-for-men Patty Cake community. We need to insulate ourselves against feminist lies…about Patty Cake.

Stop derailing the conversation. This isn’t about harassing women, but about exposing the nepotistic relationships between corrupt Hot Potato journalism and the Hot Potato developers.


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