Songs You’ll Never Hear On A Sufjan Stevens Album -The Toast

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michigan“Let’s Talk About A Holiday That’s Not Christmas Or About A Minor Polish Civic Hero”

“Colorado, Now That’s An Interesting State”

“A Guitar, A Bass, And A Drum, That’s All The Instruments I Need On This Song”

“The Gender Of The Person I’m Singing About Isn’t Ambiguous At All”

“No Biblical References Here”

“Let’s Have A Party, Not A Crisis Of Faith”

“This Song, Like All The Others, Clocks In At A Tight 3:15”

“I Have A Complicated Relationship With My Brother, Not a Serial Killer I’ve Never Met”

“My Stepmother Did Her Best; No Use Complaining”

“Let’s Bring This Instrumental Passage To A Close”

“People Who Went Insane In The Past Don’t Remind Me Of You At All”

“Lick It Up”

“Characters From Persian Mythology And Flannery O’Connor Stories Have No Place In Rock Music”

“This Dying Bird Is Not A Christ Figure”

“The 1883 World Fair Has No Relevance For Our Modern Lives”

“I Had A Pretty Good Time At Bible Study And No One Is Dead”

“No Parentheticals”

“You’re Not Going To Have To Look Up Any Greek Theological Terms Or Ancient Near Eastern General Names After You Finish Listening To This Song”

“We Actually Touched Each Other Instead Of Just Dreaming About It In The Late Afternoon”

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