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I know things about Lifetime movies.The titles are generally simple yet informative. Kidnapped in Paradise, for example, is about a woman who is kidnapped, in paradise. Prosecuting Casey Anthony, is about the prosecution of Casey Anthony. Murder in the Hamptons is about a murder, in the Hamptons.

In some cases, Lifetime movies refract “true life” tales with which we are vaguely familiar through the news and/or idle gossip. They tell us what we already know or what we would like to know without telling us the truth. They allow us to believe that the grisly murders and salacious scandals can be neatly summarized in two or four hours with a tidy, printed epilogue on the screen when the movie is over letting us know how everything turned out. In such epilogues, people are often in jail for a very long time, or living happily ever after. Other times, Lifetime movies traffic in commercial fiction. Nora Roberts has much of her oeuvre set to film via Lifetime.

A rotating set of actors stars in these movies—they look familiar but you cannot be quite sure why. There is something about the budget production values, shoddy script writing, anemic acting and, the Canadian accents I find irresistible. Here is an incomplete list of Lifetime movies, categorized.

Amish movies

An Amish Murder
The 19th Wife
Amish Grace

Bad Marriages
The Burning Bed
A Woman Scorned
Hidden Away
Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story
Devil’s Pond
Fatal Desire
Going for Broke
Another Woman’s Husband

House of Versace
Betty & Coretta
Anna Nicole
Liz & Dick
Coco Chanel
Ring of Fire
Aaliyah: The Princess of R & B
Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story

Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
Lies My Mother Told Me
Co-ed Call Girl
Confessions of a Go-Go Girl
Bad to the Bone
My Stepson, My Lover
Lovesick: Secrets of a Sex Addict
Last Chance Café
Widow on the Hill
We Were the Mulvaneys
The Advocate’s Devil
Flirting with Danger
Gracie’s Choice
A Face to Die For
Lying to Be Perfect
Deadly Betrayal
Sex and the Single Mom
More Sex and the Single Mom
Walking the Halls
Secrets of Eden
Cradle of Lies
Crimes of Passion: She Woke Up Pregnant
Sleeping With the Devil
The Dive From Clausen’s Pier
Social Nightmare
Mom, Dad, and Her
Hollywood Wives: The New Generation
Reckless Behavior: Caught on Tape
Friends ‘Til the End
Past Obsessions
Her Perfect Spouse
A Job to Kill For
The Pastor’s Wife
A Little Thing Called Murder
Tall, Dark, and Deadly
Uncaged Heart
The Eleventh Victim
The Trainer
Last Exit
Twisted Desire
The Boy Next Door
In the Dark
Road Rage
The Party Never Stops
The Wife He Met Online
A Nanny’s Revenge
The Good Mother
A Sister’s Nightmare
Destination: Infestation
How I Married My High School Crush
Just Ask My Children

Holiday Movies

12 Men of Christmas
A Diva’s Christmas Carol
Will You Merry Me?
Finding Mrs. Claus
Undercover Christmas
Christmas Angel
Dear Santa
The Christmas Blessing
The Road to Christmas
A Nanny for Christmas
The Christmas Consultant
A Christmas Wedding
A Chance of Snow
Christmas in Paradise
Comfort and Joy

Nora Roberts

Blue Smoke
Montana Sky
Northern Lights
Angels Fall
Carolina Moon
High Noon
Carnal Innocence

Ripped From the Headlines

Human Trafficking
A Life Interrupted
Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story
A Date With Darkness: The Trial and Capture of Andrew Luster
She Made Them Do It
Drew Peterson: Untouchable
Half a Dozen Babies
The Craigslist Killer
Murder in the Hamptons
Scott Peterson
Who is Clark Rockefeller?
Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy
An Officer and a Murderer
Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret
The Two Mr. Kissels
Perfect Town, Perfect Murder: The JonBenet Ramsey Story
Prosecuting Casey Anthony
Fatal Honeymoon
Blue Eyed Butcher
All American Girl: The Mary Kay Letourneau Story
Justice for Natalee Holloway
The Capture of the Green River Killer
The I-5 Killer
Held Hostage
The Elizabeth Smart Story
Natalee Holloway
Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story
Identity Theft: The Michelle Brown Story

Stolen Babies
Baby Sellers
I Know My First Name is Steven
When Andrew Came Home
A Father for Brittany
Abducted: The Carlina White Story
Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story
Baby For Sale
Adopting Terror
The Surrogacy Trap
Abducted: A Father’s Love
My Baby is Missing

The House Next Door
Haunting Sarah
Last Hours in Suburbia
Possessing Piper Rose
The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Teens Gone Wild
Forever 16
Fab Five
Walking the Halls
Seven Deadly Sins
Betrayed at 17
Triple Dog
Restless Virgins
Last Hours in Suburbia
Sexting in Suburbia
The Bling Ring
Terror in the Family
The Cheating Pact
Accused at 17
The Pregnancy Pact
Teenage Bank Heist
Poison Ivy: The Secret Society
She’s Too Young
Everybody’s Doing It
Dangerous Child

Teen Traumas
No One Would Tell
Reviving Ophelia
Sharing the Secret
Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life
The Truth About Jane
Odd Girl Out
Not Like Everyone Else
The Babysitter’s Seduction
She’s Too Young
Hunger Point
Fifteen and Pregnant
Mom at Sixteen
The Obsession
Too Young to Marry
Escape from Polygamy
Queen Sized
The Boy She Met Online
Dying to Belong
Every Mother’s Worst Fear
Stalked at Seventeen

Teacher, Teacher
Student Seduction
Dirty Teacher
Fatal Lessons: The Good Teacher

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