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Coming Ashore In Caracas

Surfing enthusiast Ken and graphic designer Miranda are looking for a house with beach views and American-style air conditioning for less than $800 a month. Miranda throws herself face-down on the kitchen floor of the second house after she realizes there is no garbage disposal installed under the sink. She refuses to move as a form of passive protest. Her common-law husband Ken looks nervously at the camera and says “It’s always been my dream to be a stay-at-home dad” four times. He’s starting on a fifth when on off-camera production assistant asks him to stop. Real estate agent Brian is doing his fucking best, and loosens his tie as he walks through the door of his own apartment every night before putting a careful smile on his face. Brian never lets his work interfere with the way he acts at home. His kids think of him as a happy man. His wife thinks of him as a tired but happy man. Brian feels like nothing in the world.

Lonely No More In Lagos

Chad’s company has sent him overseas, which means a brand new adventure for his family. The problems start mounting from day one, when Chad’s wife Denise finds herself unable to step foot outside of the airport. The children are able to pass through the barrier freely, but Denise is physically unable to walk past the terminal doors. Chad’s status at work is seriously compromised due to his “airport wife”‘s inability to attend company parties. Denise becomes convinced the barrier is a physical manifestation of her husband’s lingering doubts about their marriage.

On A Budget In Brasília

Newly-married Kim and Bianca form a suicide pact after realizing that none of the houses in their budget have touchless faucets. They are buried anonymously in a local potter’s field. A briar of white roses springs up from Kim’s grave; a briar of red roses grows from Bianca’s. The briars eventually grow together. According to local custom, any virgin wishing to found her own Fortune 500 company has only to pass a single night under the briar canopy, where she will dream of the name of her future business venture.

Adding Up In Addis Ababa

When the Army offered Daniel a position in his native Ethiopia, he jumped at the chance. The first house offered breathtaking city views and a doorman, but disappeared into a mysterious fog as soon as he crossed the threshold back into the street. Daniel clutched at a terrified passerby and asked him what day it was. One hundred years had passed while Daniel had been marveling over the crown molding. A gold ring suddenly appeared on Daniel’s left middle finger, and he found he could not remove it. He felt a slight ringing in his ears and was suddenly quite sure that he did not need to breathe if he did not want to.

The next day Daniel reported for work.

Keeping Things Under Budget In Kyoto

There are no houses for Cara and Stanchworth, who are forced to return home.

Looking For The Brass Ring In Medellín

Stephanie and and Charles are looking for an apartment that delivers world-class views without breaking the bank while they teach English in Colombia’s second-largest city. The episode’s narrator finds herself slowly falling in love with Stephanie’s sweet inner strength, but cannot bring herself to speak. The third apartment is filled with lavender roses – Stephanie’s favorite.

When Stephanie dies unexpectedly at 38, a masked voice strews lavender roses across her grave.

Bound For Bern

“What is it that you do again?” Realtor Brian asks Andrew and Kirsten as they stroll through the city’s historic shopping district. Andrew and Kristen open their mouths and emit a wordless scream before vanishing into nothingness.

The third house had a lovely open floor plan, but nobody ever saw it.

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