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catfancyIn no particular order, here are sixteen excerpts from back issues of Cat Fancy and Playboy magazines. Can you guess the source of each one?

  1. She mesmerized me the first time I laid eyes on her.
  2. She has a sweet, gentle nature and is very interested in what you are doing.
  3. She is used to playing dress-up.
  4. She was discovered in a boutique on Rodeo Drive.
  5. She must be protected from her own curiosity.
  6. She certainly has the requisite assets.
  7. She has long sable hair and fine features.
  8. She can make that leap without a hitch.
  9. She swam strongly, making a little wake ahead of her.
  10. She clearly knows how to get comfortable indoors or outdoors.
  11. She craves the spotlight.
  12. She did a commercial for a James Bond video game where a laser blasts off her skirt.
  13. She will gradually develop a better attitude toward people.
  14. She’s petite with moss-green eyes.
  15. She has a fun-loving personality that stole the show.
  16. She’ll get used to all the attention after regular rub-downs coupled with some of her favorite treats.

Answers on page 2.

  1. CF
  2. CF
  3. PB
  4. PB
  5. CF
  6. PB
  7. PB
  8. PB
  9. CF
  10. CF
  11. CF
  12. PB
  13. CF
  14. CF
  15. PB
  16. CF

Kira Garcia is a writer living in Brooklyn who has also contributed to the Hairpin, the New Yorker, and Jezebel.

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