Songs from a Johnny Cash Album Where the Law is Just and Your Loved Ones Can Be Trusted -The Toast

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“I Slept Fine Last Night Because I Know My Wife is Faithful”

“Riding Trains is Preferable to Robbing Them”

“A Ballad I Wrote Myself and Which Was Definitely Not Given to Me by an Inmate”

“My Moral Compass is Stronger than My Fear of Losing You”

“Our Relationship is Based on More than Fleeting Passion”

“Tommy Can’t Wait (to Rehabilitate)”

“No One Will Be Executed Today”

“The Level-Headed Preacher”

“Racing for the Border to Rose’s Timeshare in Cabo”

“Your Wife and Son Will Meet You at the Hospital Where You’ll Get Adequate Medical Care”

“Folsom Prison Law Library (Pt. 4)”

“Give My Love to the New Warden, She Seems Nice”

“The Evidence was Fairly Considered by a Jury of My Peers”

“Everyone Employed by this Railroad Company is Emotionally Well-Adjusted”

“Happy Birthday to You, Even though You’re Not Dying Today”

“I Spent the Night in the Arms of My Best Friend’s Wife but It’s OK Because We’re in a Poly Triad”

“We Chose Not to Marry Because We Recognized Our Incompatibilities”

“The Unemployed Executioner (Our State Banned Capital Punishment)”

“The Well-Fed Dog Who Sleeps in Bed with Me”

“No Women Were Harassed at This Bar Tonight”

“Unloaded and Locked: The Safe Way to Own Guns”

“Train’s A’Comin’ Down the Tracks As Part of a High-Speed Rail Program Funded by Our Forward-Thinking Leaders”

“Good News from the Governor”

“No More Whiskey for Me, Thank You”

Michael Whitney turned a mistaken childhood belief that "End Construction" signs were put up by protestors into a career of progressive activism. Follow him on Twitter at @michaelwhitney.

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