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Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 9.48.28 AMFrom the Old Loves tumblr:

“In 1975 while working as a junior fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar, Anna Wintour was introduced to a visiting Bob Marley by one of her boyfriend’s friends.

It’s a longstanding rumor that Wintour disappeared with Marley for a week, spending nearly all her time backstage at his shows or at his hotel.”

Things I Believe About Their Weeklong Affair

1. That Anna called him “Robert,” and continues to do so whenever she makes reference to him.

2. That when Anna does refer to him, it is rare, and never comes with an explanation. She’ll be having dinner with three or four good friends and mention casually that “Robert loved squid-ink pasta,” then refuse to elaborate or acknowledge that she’s said anything significant.

3. That Anna was not invited to Bob Marley’s funeral and spent the day inventing that thing where models layer designer vests over T-shirts.

4. That Anna pinned back her bangs at least once during their week together.

5. That Anna responded to one of several anxious telegrams from her editors at Harper’s Bazaar wondering where she was with “FINDING MYSELF.”

6. That Bob Marley was absolutely the love of Anna’s life, but that she was not the love of his; that she accepted and understood this from the first minute to the last of the brief time they had together.

7. That during a late-night drive to the beach, one of Bob’s songs came on the radio, and Anna said “This is nice, who is this ah-tist?” and Bob just smiled and didn’t say anything.

8. That once a year Anna sends everyone in the Vogue offices early, pulls down her blinds, and plays one of his albums while slowly eating a piece of carrot cake. I believe that she prefers Exodus to Uprising.

9. That Bob Marley steadfastly refused to play tennis or come to a fashion show with Anna; that he was perfectly calm but perfectly firm about it, and that he was the first and last man to stand up to her without an ounce of malice or resentment in his heart.

10. That there exists a single photograph of the two of them together, and that no one has seen it but Anna and the employee at the Canadian one-hour photo-mat who developed it.

11. That Anna asked once, during their week of eternity, if she could come back to Jamaica with him, and that Bob Marley told her gently that it wouldn’t be the same, and that this was the last and only thing she ever asked of him, and that after that she never asked a question she didn’t already know the answer to.

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