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  • Last night I saw someone eating an apple that was just too big. It was the size of a softball. She could barely take bites out of it. Apples have no business being that big. Was this apple an enchanted grapefruit? I hated it so much.
  • I’m hungry, but I’m also sitting down?
  • My counter has crumbs on it and the sunlight coming through the window is highlighting the crumbs
  • I have a cup of tea, and there is a finite number of sips I will take before I finish the cup, and then I will have to wash it, and then I will fill it up again with tea later, and I will do this a finite number of times, and then someday I will die and I will never do anything again
  • Other people exist
  • Sometimes people can text me
  • I have permanent retainers and they’ll always be there on the inside of my teeth
  • There is a grain of sand or dirt or something on the inside of my house slipper but whenever I take it off to feel around for it I can’t find it; it is detectable only by the human foot and not the human hand
  • Netflix
  • The underside of my fingernails feel dirty but because I have nail polish on I cannot confirm this
  • I don’t have everything
  • The wind can move anything without permission and that seems selfish
  • My first knuckle folds almost backwards whenever I click on my mousepad and that’s terrible to look at
  • Someday I’ll have to get on a plane again
  • I feel like there aren’t any new sounds I’m ever going to get to hear
  • Things are bad in a way I can’t articulate
  • I have different things than I used to have but I’m still the same person
  • I can feel what that stupid giant apple must be like in my mouth right now
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