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  • Cold hands
  • Beautiful face
  • Missing slippers
  • Wrist fevers
  • Night brain
  • Going outside at night in Italy
  • Shawl insufficiency
  • Too many pillows
  • Garden troubles
  • Someone said “No” very loudly while they were in the room
  • Letter-reading fits
  • Drawing-room anguish
  • Not enough pillows
  • Haven’t seen the sea in a long time
  • Too many novels
  • Pony exhaustion
  • Strolling congestion
  • Sherry served too cold
  • Ship infidelity
  • Spent more than a month in London after growing up in Yorkshire
  • Clergyman’s dropsy
  • Flirting headaches
  • River unhappiness
  • General bummers
  • Knitting needles too heavy
  • Mmmf
  • Beautiful chestnut hair
  • Spinal degeneration as a result of pride
  • Parents too happy
  • The Unpleasantness
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