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yellerIt’s people who are against vaccinating dogs, I should specify, not dogs who are against vaccinations.

Dog anti-vaxxers, I have learned, hate two things: vaccinations, and taxes.

“If someone goes up to the kennels and I am not with them, the dogs will bark. I will try and get some videos of the dogs on alert, when I get through with my taxes.”

Things started off relatively simple:

“An Alsatian at 1 1/2 or 2 yrs old will not need to go to a vet until about 10 yrs old. There will be no medical bills unless created by the humans in his/her life that includes any accidents because a human wasn’t paying attention. You may decide to take your dog in for health check ups of course.”

Then, by the FAQ, things slide in a pear-shapewardly direction.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.22.35 PM

Rabies is a very CONTROVERSIAL subject to me and to a lot of other dog owners who do not TRUST the government and the RULES put in place to keep the sheeple in line. Rabies is a very good way to LOG and keep FILES on all dog owners. Makes it easy to do a lot of different things:

1. Break and enter into a private citizens home for a variety of reasons deemed necessary by the legal authorities.
2. Taxes
3. Fines
4. Information

I have never seen a list get so vague so quickly!

“Rabies outbreaks or dogs that are rabid, are suppose to be on file with each state’s HEALTH and SAFETY dept. Anyone can call them and ask, “when was the last time a dog was proven to be rabid in this state?” Try it for your homework assignment.. Let me know what they say to you…let me give you a clue as to what they will say “We have a five year system and can only go back five years on records” then you say, “Well, okay then, how many canines were reported having rabies within this state in the last five years?” They will tell you NONE. If you do this every year for the next twenty years, you will still get the same answer.”

Will one of you do me a small favor? Will you call your state’s health and safety department and ask about the rabies history of dogs, and then follow up every year for the next twenty years, and let me know if that is true?

(There is also an entire section explaining that dogs are not capable of love, which is, I mean, probably true, but seems like an odd point to want to hammer home if your job is selling dogs to people.)

Now I suppose you want me to explain why an animal holds no love? They are incapable of it. Why? Because they do not have emotions as we do. They run off instincts; behavioral instincts and genetic instincts that are passed down from the beginning of that particular species existence.

Okay, so you are now going to give me examples of your dog’s love… please send me an e-mail explaining why you believe that your dog has the emotion ‘love’ within its genetic make up…

1. Because your dog is happy to see you when you come home. He wags his tail and goes nuts over you; this is your reason as to why you believe a dog holds love.

Now, let’s take your dog out of its years spent in only this environment and lets also take you out of the dog’s life and let’s pretend that your dog never knew any humans; only its pack members.

Your dog reacts this same exact way to other members of the pack, running to greet another dog that will let (your dog) jump up on it and lick it and squirm and pee on the floor or whatever your dog does to you.

Now let’s make this scene realistic…Dogs do not allow other dogs to jump on them and carry on like that. No, they do not. I am in the dog scene every day and though some pack members may tolerate greetings in many different ways from the different dogs in the pack, if any dog gets out of control, jumping and licking and carrying on, the top dog will attack it. ALL DOGS REACT THIS WAY. There is a reason for it and it is not love.

Anyhow, today I learned about something I didn’t know existed before. These arguments in the FAQ are even better than the time those guys on a bodybuilding forum couldn’t agree how many days there were in the week. I’ll see you on the other side.

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