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If you hear any of the following words or phrases used to describe someone in a movie made before 1970, odds are good that they’re trying to tell you about a tight ankle, a real bank-opener, a central casting girl, a man who knows his onions from his applesauce.

A berry-picker

Someone who takes her meals in a cafeteria

An and-how baby

A gal who knows how to use a revolving door

A man with a downtown name

An elevator friendship

A threepenny stamp

A trolley orchid

A girl with cake in her hand

Chicken farmer

Two-time streetcar rider

A professional skirt

A fella with a lot of hotel friendships

Girl who brings her own skates to the rink

Bedsheet boyfriend

Member of the Pony Express

Jukebox pants

Next door to the Queen of Sheba

A girl who bowls with both hands

Friend to doctors

Laughing-gas Sally

A member of several clubs

A candy-apple sister

“Knows where the cloak room is”

A late-night newsie

Lamppost gentleman

A man who sleeps in his hat

Telephone boy

An outdoors checkout clerk

A boarding-room Beau Brummel

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