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Close friendships with just a few people

An avocado sliced in thoughtful silence

No birthday party, just a couple of friends over for an intimate dinner of chickpeas and listening

An INTJ salmon

Not talking about quinoa with someone you don’t know very well


It’s not the same thing as shyness

Not talking to someone at a work event while looking at some anchovies

Seaweed, whispering


A rich inner life

A handful of Brazil nuts

Time to yourself

Being valued for your quiet strength

Leaving a cocktail party early to eat some bison

Cottage cheese

Soft music

Reading silently in a jar of creatine powder


Sweater weather

A stock photo of some headphones


When you respect that sometimes I just need to be alone and it doesn’t mean I don’t love you, Charol

Albert Einstein was an introvert

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