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sad dance9

the dance begins
rend your hair
shed your tears
stamp your angry chicken feet

sad dance

ah, sisters
are you happy?
yes, dreadfully happy
then we’re all happy

sad dance2

slower, my friends
we can dance slower than this

sad dance 3

I will stop when you stop
ah, old friend 
but I will never stop
then we shall circle each other rhythmically
until one or both of us drops
to the dance
to the dance

sad dance4

he must never know 
he must never find out how much I hate to twirl

sad dance 5

ah, this is the hardest step of them all to master, when we turn into monsters and drown

sad dance6

this one is my favorite 
where we hold hands and scowl at nothing 

sad dance7

first lesson starts now: dance with contempt

sad dance8

if you dance slowly enough it turns into sitting down

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