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BABY FOUCAULT [knocks over blocks]: anarchy
BABY FOUCAULT [kicks blocks into corner]: post-anarchy


WOMAN: who’s the baby?
whooooo’s the baby?
BABY FOUCAULT: I don’t feel that it is necessary to know exactly what I am


MAN [ducks face behind cloth]: peekabo!
I see you!
BABY FOUCAULT: visibility is a trap


WOMAN: can you say ma-ma?
MAN: can you say da-da?
WOMAN: can you say ba-ba?
MAN: he won’t say anything
BABY FOUCAULT: there is not one but many silences


WOMAN: that’s a BAD BABY
look at this mess
we DON’T DO THAT in this house
BABY FOUCAULT: there is no glory in punishing


MAN: have a little bite
MAN: just one
MAN: what’s wrong
BABY FOUCAULT: it’s bourgeois


WOMAN: uh oh
did somebody make a mess?
does somebody need a diaper change?
BABY FOUCAULT: do not glory in your state
an instant suffices to disturb and annihilate that supposed wisdom of which you are so proud
an unexpected event, a sharp and sudden emotion of the soul will abruptly change the most reasonable and intelligent man into a raving idiot


MAN: can you say da-da
can you say da-da for me?
BABY FOUCAULT: discourse is not life

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