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Most comforting skull. Very good. Yes. Inviting.

It’s also excellent that his tomb appears to be desecrated. 

I’m sure he’s pleased.


It’s so good that there’s a door-knocker. Excellent.

Always polite to let inhabitants know when you are planning on visiting.

They can hear you.


Yes, it looks friendly and pleasant here, definitely very comforting.

Just the place for a trapdoor.


Nothing is slowly but inexorably scraping away at the wood every night. No.

This is all fine. Up to code.


The doors are are always like this.

We did this on purpose, definitely. Nothing escaped.

This is like this for a reason. For extra comfort.


These bricks are here for your comfort.

Notice how it’s bricked almost all the way up

but not all the way up?

There’s still a peephole.

That’s for comfort.


Another peephole. Yes. Good.

Very safe. You feel safer now.

What? No, there’s not a face there sometimes.


Ah, here you can see our wonderful painting of —

hmm. The frame is empty. That’s — no. That’s good.

It’s good that It’s not contained anymore.


Such a helpful skull. He’s there to comfort you.

If there were anything dangerous inside his house —

but there’s definitely not. Nothing seeping or decaying.

There’s just helping and comfort.


I don’t know why you’re upset about this. It’s not like that hole is perfectly arm-sized.

Nothing can reach out and grab you.

We wanted it just like this.

It’s more comforting with the holes.


Ah, here you can see our abyss.

The abyss is always comforting.

All photos are from the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires and taken by Jacqueline Steiger except for the final photo, which is by Elizabeth Simonian.

Jacqueline Steiger is an actor, filmmaker, linguist, and writer who very deliberately put an Oxford comma there. She cares immensely about nerd culture and activism. She will read anything you give her and eat absolutely anything with melted cheese on it.

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